Business Management – Removing the Blade from the Stone

As business managers we often feel as if we are asked to do impossible task. It really does not matter what industry or product you are trying to manage, obstacles are going to appear which seem insurmountable. Owners, bosses and fellow employees may seem like the enemy and not an ally in your goals. Everyone demands the impossible without regard to how it can be achieved. And this is how it should be!It makes no sense to approach life with an “I’ll take what comes my way” attitude, and this is true in business management as well. As a leader of an organization, big or small, large things must be asked from all involved. Many times we are going to ask people to accomplish something that may be impossible in their eyes. It is your job as a manager to show them that it is possible through constructive and assertive leadership.For example, sales are down and production in Europe is to blame because they have communication problems, and are focused on too many markets at the same time. In addition, the owner of the company cannot make a decision and communicate that decision to all levels of the organization. You could take the approach of simply accepting the outcome, because the owner is never wrong, or you can take another approach.The constructive approach would be to focus on SELLing your solution to the problem, and there is always a solution. Given the above circumstance I would schedule a series of trips to Europe with a definite agenda to over come the obstacle. I would then go out of my way to play to the owner’s ego by showing them that my solution would generate more income for them personally, and or make their life easier. At no time would I become argumentative or demanding. I would just keep politely, and continuously selling my agenda until it becomes the “owner’s idea”. My ego is not important; getting results is the only thing that matters and you will not accomplish this by picking fights.Now that example may seem a bit simplified, but this approach always works. Turning an obstacle into a win for you organization is like removing the blade from the stone. It may seem impossible, but it is not. At the end of the day, results speak for themselves, and it is really the only thing anyone will judge you by. Don’t let your ego, and your lack of vision be your personal obstacle.